NEF to JPG converter

Got a file with .NEF extension and you’re not sure what to do with it? NEF image format is Nikon’s RAW image format, which is not supported by many programs. Adobe Photoshop does support it, but it’s a very expensive program for a one time image conversion needs. Luckily, I found a freeware app that does just that. A very simple conversion of NEF file into JPG. Granted, it might not be the most complex and advanced and doesn’t really allow any image parameters modifications, but it does convert images from unusable NEF format (for most casual users) into a workable JPG file format. Actually, it also supports BMP, GIF, PNG and TIFF as the output format.

NEF to JPG homepage:

Download Mirror:


2 thoughts on “NEF to JPG converter

  1. Nice size 😀
    But a shame it does not work on Windows earlier than v7.
    I am wondering if it adds the EXIF to the TIFF export ?

    Irfanview is an excellent tool for converting many RAW formats.
    XnView is also able, but I have not tested it with RAW photos.
    Both have colour correction and editing options if needed, and can use ICC/ICM profiles.

    Irfanview can add a context option to folders, so you can browse RAW files with user-definable thumbnails. From there you can quickly create a “contact-sheet”.

    Great for everyday use, but if you require more nerd-powered free RAW software, then try “UFRaw”
    Very useful if you have the ICC profile for your camera and monitor, as this is brimming with colour correction and tweaking options.
    You can also choose your camera and lens combination, so it can factor your chromatic aberration and any lens distortion.

    It is also available for Windows/Linux/Mac and more !


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