Winamp is no more :(

After 15 years, this hugely popular media player has been discontinued by AOL. AOL will shut down Winamp webpage for good on 20th December 2013… It hasn’t really been updated much for the last several years, but I still liked it for certain stuff. Plugins for example, it was the media player which basically created the definition of plugins. Everything from format support up to effects and output plugins. I guess it’s time to move on like I did some time ago to excellent MusicBee player. Or Foobar2000 which is very minimalistic, but still quite popular. For all those not willing to move on, I’ve decided to host the latest version, because AOL will also terminate their downloads, so only way to download Winamp will be from 3rd party hosting pages.

Winamp 5.66 download (latest and last version):

Farewell Winamp, it was nice having you around for the last decade and a half. We will miss you 😦


5 thoughts on “Winamp is no more :(

  1. The sky is finally falling in 😦

    I always said this was the problem of a company like AOL buying Winamp.
    It was totally an effort to drive AOL music sales via the web plugins.
    As they never gave the devs any help or real resources all those bits of extra fluff, sucked big-time.

    Hopefully Winamp will finally go opensource, ditch the crap, and turn back into the lean player of yester-year.

    In the meantime I will continue to use beta 57_3444 (even though I have to turn the clock back to launch it)

    Beyond that, if Winamp does not get bought or released to the people, I will probably start using XMPlay more, as it supports Winamp plugins and I already use their catalogue for more recent plugins.

    I say, bare it in mind that the Winamp plugin/DSP format has become a default standard, with many programs supporting it.
    In one way or another it will still be around for a long time, and it won’t stop working after AOL shoot it in the back of the head.
    Its corpse will live on in our drives and hearts.


  2. Yuck. Looks like Microsoft want to get their hands on it.
    If they cannot do what they need with media player, then this can only be a move to own and bury the main competition.


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