Synergy remote control

Synergy is not like traditional remote control tools that send picture from another computer to your current system via network, this one actually (and only) sends keyboard and mice commands via network. How is this useful? Basically you can have lets say 4 computers, all box+monitor or laptop, but you only have one pair of input devices. It can even be that laptop. Then you can arrange screen edges to move mouse cursor from one to another and this way you can have 4 PC’s with 4 displays one next to another, all 4 controlled by a single keyboard and single mice. Pretty cool eh? 🙂 Or you can use it for slightly different purpose like I did below…

I have a very powerful PC connected to big LCD TV, but I don’t have a wireless keyboard and mice to use it from the sofa, because cables are too short. But I do have a laptop nearby. So, installed Synergy on laptop and that PC, connected normal keyboard and mice to laptop, connected Synergy server and client and voila, using a wired keyboard several meters away.

Input is going into the laptop, through the local network to the PC where the mouse is moving the cursor and keyboard is typing the letters.

I wanted to buy a wireless keyboard and mice for this short time, but this works so well there is no need. I was worrying about input latency, but there is none detectable. And I’m sure you guys will thought of an ingenious use this tool provides. And it’s free!

Synergy homepage:

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