USB Device Not Recognized error popping up on startup

Ok, this has to be one of the most bizarre problems and solutions i’ve come across in well, many years.
I was doing the AMD Catalyst driver cleanup with DriverSweeper because of some other problem.
After the cleanup and reboot, i was greeted by the “USB Device Not Recognized” error popup.

After clicking it, i got this:

Ok, since i was clever, i made a System Restore before fiddling with my system. Just to find out restoring it back does exactly nothing. What? How on Earth is that possible? Then i tried reinstalling Intel chipset drivers. Tried restoring stuff in DriverSweeper. Nothing. I was like wtf, i’m not going to reinstall Windows now for fucks sake.

Best way to fix this issue temporarely is to shut down the system and unplug it from the AC. This will somehow fix this stupid issue until it will happen next time randomly. Somehow, power supply unit also has to be without power so that motherboard also loses it and that somehow fixes the issue. Heh…

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