RtkNGUI64.exe process consuming lots of CPU fix

If you happen to use a PC or laptop with Realtek driver and you’re “all of a sudden” getting massive CPU usage on process RtkNGUI64.exe, I have a solution for that. The reason for this problem is in registry entry related to SRS Labs which apparently supply certain audio enhancement solution to Realtek.
Deleting this registry entry results in massive CPU usage by the RtkNGUI64.exe process. The problem happens even faster if you use registry cleaners because the registry entry is in fact empty and most registry cleaners treat it as useless (empty) and delete it.

Solution was found by the user “cheshirecat179” on DELL Forums. I’ve just compiled the solution into a registry file that you just have to run by double clicking it (to import registry key into your registry) and then reboot your system. RtkNGUI64.exe should not be using any CPU after reboot.


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