Loads of new posts today…

As you may have noticed, I have posted loads of stuff on my blog today, some relatively new, some quite old. The reason for this is that Opera will discontinue their MyOpera service next year (March 2014). Since some of the articles on my old blog are still relative to many users, I’ve decided to migrate them here in order to preserve them. I have also removed the connection to my old blog since all the important stuff is now available here.

Just a tiny explanation, so you guys won’t think I went nuts or something 🙂

1 thought on “Loads of new posts today…

  1. Just as well I’ve been sending people to this site already 😀

    I have been recommending to people, they should browse their pages via the Web Archive to capture it for future searches.
    Downloads can also be harvested the same way.

    I can see me carrying on with WordPress for my personal site, but I don’t know about using it for groups 😦


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