Disk drives not listed in Disk Defragmenter Schedule

Another day and another problem fixing. This time, there were disk drives missing in the Windows 7 Disk Defragmenter Schedule menu. Drives were listed in main Disk Defragmenter window but not in the schedule option.

(Right click on the image and select View Image to see full size)

I was trying to solve this, Googling around and couldn’t find the solution. Then I was testing something else and they magically appeared. And the only thing I was doing last was running Windows Experience Index utility (the one that benchmarks various system components and gives you performance index). That is the solution for this bizarre problem. How on Earth would anyone find out you have to run WEI to list the drives!?

SOLUTION (for Windows 7, similar for Vista):
– open Control Panel
– select System and Security category
– under System category click “Check the Windows Experience Index”
– click “Re-run the assessment” (bottom right corner)

Wait a minute or two for tests to complete and check the Disk Defragmenter Schedule menu again. The drives should be listed again.

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