Check LCD panels for defective pixels

Buying a new LCD monitor or LCD TV and want to be sure it’s perfect, before you carry it out of the store? Maybe buying a used LCD panel? Use this free and very useful tool to verify all 3 basic color subpixels (red, green and blue). Program also allows you to check YMC (Yellow, Magenta and Cyan) color range which is useful for certain SHARP LCD TV models that use RGBY color space (RGB with extra Yellow channel), along with custom colors by user choice.
What it does is that it colors entire screen into the same color. If there are any defective pixels or subpixels, you’ll easily spot dead pixels, bright pixels as well as broken/stuck subpixels.
Dead Pixel Locator doesn’t require installation, so you can run it directly off your USB drive. Even without admin rights!

I have also made a tester for LCD TV’s with USB multimedia port. Copy the image files to USB drive, stick it into your LCD TV and inspect the screen using each individual image. Detailed info is located in Readme file inside the package below…


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