Re-Volt available on GoG!

You’re not a true fan of racing games if you haven’t yet played this fantastic game! And even though I’ve provided a compatibility patch some time ago, GoG has now released a properly fixed and compatible version.


It costs $5.99 and I think it’s well worth it. You won’t get any real RC car for that money and you get 28 of them in this game along with loads of iconic tracks to race on from neighborhoods, supermarkets, gardens, western style towns, ship, toy land and if that isn’t enough, there is also a track editor where you can make your very own tracks to race on. You don’t see track editors in any racing game these days which is a shame. Oh and even though the game is well over a decade old, the graphics still amaze me every time I play this game. It’s the way how the whole thing is shaded that makes it look WAY better than it should actually look like for its age. Music will keep you blood pumping fast and the physics are also very good with 4 levels to control, from very arcade to very simulation like. And you can play it with power-ups or just plain and fair racing with no trickery.

Time for some bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sound 🙂

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