Natural Selection 2 Shadow Upgrade in my possession :)

I’ve had so much kick ass fun with the Natural Selection 2 game in the last 2 weeks I’ve decided to take a plunge and go for the biggest normal available support upgrade, the Shadow support upgrade pack. It was hefty $75, but developers really deserve the support and I think it was money well spent on this incredible game.

In return I got a supporter badge next to my in-game name, new Elite Marine skin with extra shoulder pad decal, new Shadow Skulk skin (I’ll surely love this one since I’m pretty much specialized in Aliens side) and extra OST tracks. Oh and that warm and fuzzy feeling that I did something good in life again 🙂


Guys and girls at Unknown Worlds, what about offering us plush Aliens in your apparel online store? Like the above plush in-game Gorgy? It’s so freakin’ cute I totally want one (the above screenshot is taken from Descent map, Plaza sector)! And I also want plush Skulk, plush Lerk, plush Fade and plush Onos to complete the collection. They should all be made in the same comic way as the above Gorge. If you’ll make them, I’ll be the first one to buy them! If you have the means to supply this idea directly to Unknown Worlds team, please send them the link to this blog post. I’ll really appreciate it!

Be afraid of my Shadow Skulk 😀 GrimCreeper is creeping silently after you… and then, om nom nom… 😀


3 thoughts on “Natural Selection 2 Shadow Upgrade in my possession :)

  1. I totally can’t understand peoples obsession with plushies, but I do agree that UWE well deserve that money! Best MP game I ever played!


    1. I like plushies. Sure it’s a bit more girly kind of thing, but i still like them for some reason. I have bunch of sheep plushies and also few others because they are just so cute 🙂


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