OpenDNS silently blocking Facebook

Are you by any chance looking at the browser with anger because it keeps on timing out on Facebook webpage? All the external services are saying that Facebook is up and running, but it won’t load for you since yesterday? And you are also using OpenDNS service? I’m not sure who exactly are affected, but I know what’s causing it.

It’s the OpenDNS service. Have it set on your router and Facebook won’t load, it will just time out. Remove it and let your ISP DNS take over and voila, Facebook will work again. I don’t know what OpenDNS people are doing, but mistakes like this should NEVER happen. I don’t care that much since Facebook doesn’t play much of a role in my life, but some might feel like their lives have ended 🙂 I’m reporting this to OpenDNS, hopefully they’ll get it fixed soon…

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