The Great Art of Being movie

I usually don’t feature stuff like this on my blog, but I’ll make an exception this time around. Mostly because it’s a movie made by an artist I’ve been following for quite a while on DeviantArt. A beautiful and very talented photo model Stephanie van Rijn from Canada.

Stephanie van Rijn DeviantArt page:

The Great Art of Being Trailer:

The Great Art of Being follows the story of Norman (Paul Salvetti), an insecure and anti-social History teacher, whose daily monotonous life is disrupted by the arrival of Astrid (Stephanie van Rijn), the new art teacher.

As their ideologies and social strategies collide, both will learn the value of friendship and trust in an unexpected turn of events that will show them that sticking to what they know is not always the best way to deal with problems in life, and that sometimes all you need is a different perspective. Norman will learn how to come out of his shell and Astrid will have to deal with her soon-to-be ex-husband Zeke (Billy Peck), former front man of a Rock Band, as he attempts to regain his grip over her.

All in all, The Great Art of Being is a comedic drama that is sure to bring a smile on your face, some good laughs and most importantly, a beautiful message that will touch your heart.

The main reason why I’m posting this is because I really like Stephanie and because they need additional funds in order to finish the movie production and for that reason they are pledging for donations through a Kickstarter. If you think the movie and the team behind it deserves a support, please do so with any donation you are willing to offer. Every little counts!

Kickstarter project:

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