BeamNG realistic soft-body physics

BeamNG is a realistic physics simulation engine, specifically soft body deformations. It’s still in a very early development stage, but is already looking very promising. As you can probably already see from the above video presentation…

In a nut shell it’s aimed at game developers, but you can also play a bit with the sandbox and explore all the crashing possibilities. Tech demo has only one terrain and one vehicle (pickup truck), but you can buy an early alpha for more terrains, more vehicles, more features and also more regular updates. This way you get more goodies and also support the developer. I’m seriously thinking of buying it (sort of in a way like i did Minecraft). It’s not that expensive and has some potential in it even if you aren’t a developer.

I can already see new Carmageddon game made with it or a rally game with a one shot race like in real life. It’s also a nice way to explore what happens to a car when it hits things without doing it with the real car. It’s cheaper, more fun and won’t harm anyone.


More Youtube videos:

Free Tech demo:

Alpha version purchase:

Feel like crashing today? Here is a safe way to do it. 😀


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