Steve Ballmer retiring from Microsoft?

It’s not really a news anymore so I’m not going to cover it in that way. What i will cover is the funny thing I’ve observed on various forums. It’s about people cheering the retirement of Steve Ballmer. And makes me wonder why exactly? The most of all the reasons were related to stupid decisions for Windows 8 like the tiled start menu etc.

Do people really think Mr. Ballmer had much to do with it? I mean, yeah, he was a CEO of Microsoft, but I highly doubt that CEO of such big company (corporation) is doing such tiny decisions as “should we have a start menu button or not in the taskbar”. Maybe that’s a decision of a 10 men software firm where CEO is also the founder and a one man band who does the job of 3 other people. But in Microsoft, they just make too much stuff for one person to make such macro decisions. Especially not the CEO. CEO expects results from the executives below him/her and it’s those executives that are someone’s boss who control the code monkeys. And they are the ones who do all such decisions, they make market research, public feedback and response, not the CEO. They just report to him later on…

So, if people think Steve Ballmer was the reason for crappy decisions done by Microsoft lately, I frankly don’t. And Windows 8 is actually very good OS, they just messed up few critical things. But I’m sure they’ll get them right in 8.1. Vista also got perfected with Windows 7 despite all the raging of users at first. And I had Vista and it was perfectly fine OS.

And even though Steve Ballmer wasn’t as charismatic as Bill Gates, he did work for the company almost from day 1 and he did successfully led quite few divisions in the Microsoft’s past. He was also a CEO for 13 years. That’s quite a lot imo. And Bill Gates personally decided for him, so that has to count for something.

I have no doubts in future success of Microsoft. It’s a big smart corporation, they know how to get around problems. I just wonder who the new CEO might be… not that it would change much for me personally, but hey, curiosity always killed the cat right? Meow 😀

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