AMD Catalyst Beta without .NET 4.5 framework…

If you are the sort of person who doesn’t mind installing beta graphic drivers just so you can gain that extra 1% of performance, you have probably noticed that all the AMD Catalyst Beta drivers force install .NET 4.5 framework because someone at AMD didn’t do his job properly. My system has .NET 4.5 Framework properly installed, yet AMD Catalyst installer says “Current version not installed” and installs it over again. What this does is that it borks up your existing installation, so Windows Update will have to re-download all the security updates again which take ages to complete even on my main system which is no snail. It’s stupid and the one responsible for this moronic issue should be smacked in the face.

How to get around this problem?

Download the installer and run it as usual. Click Install and wait for the package to extract its files. When AMD Catalyst Install Manager appears, click Cancel and exit it. Now go to where the package extracted its files (for example: “C:\AMD\AMD_Catalyst_13.8_Beta2”).

Now open the folder where files were extracted and look for a folder “DotNet45” inside “C:\AMD\AMD_Catalyst_13.8_Beta2\Packages\Apps”. Delete the entire “DotNet45” folder. Now go back to main folder and run setup.exe again. This time, AMD Catalyst Install manager won’t even list .NET 4.5 Framework anymore.

This of course doesn’t mean you can use it without the framework, you still need to install it (once), but not every single freaking time you install new BETA drivers.


15 thoughts on “AMD Catalyst Beta without .NET 4.5 framework…

  1. Yep this is defo annoying! But for me I also delete the folders called VC10RTx64/x86 and VC12RTx64/x86 also otherwise it still shows up in the install manager.


  2. YES! You’re a genius thank you. My install would constantly hang on the .net 4.5 portion. This has solved my problem. Little secrets indeed!


      1. Can confirm. I was getting worried for a moment so I went to Google and stumbled upon this page. Right after I read your post, the bar finally started to move.


      2. This must be a magic post. Came here after net framework “hung”, read your post, it moved on..same as Jeremy. Thank you, Great Wizard RejZoR!


      3. mine too, i thought it was “hung”. but not anymore. damn you must have some magical shit or something. i will worship you RejZoR


  3. The issue is really severe, and I wonder why so few people have stumbled over it: After installing a newer Catalyst version which makes use of the .NET framework, Visual Studio (from 2010-2013, all versions) will not work correctly anymore. Even worse, no updater or repair mechanism is able to detect the (faulty?) .NET installation, so it’s time for a HD restore unless you want to spend days removing all registry entries that Catalyst writes… woaw…

    I guess most developers won’t recognize that since they use NVIDIA?


  4. I thought it was stuckon installing net framework as well. Lol glad i found this post. I was just about to cancel the install when the bar started moving after 15 minutes…


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