Must have MP3 manipulation tools

MP3 audio files are so widely used these days that it’s impossible not to come across them rather quickly. But when you want to do specific tasks for even the most basic stuff, like making the long song shorter, to be used as a phone ringtone, we need tools to do that. And best of all, all of them are free and with unique features like direct editing without losing any quality. Check them out and see what might be useful to you…

MP3 Gain

Tired of music where one song is too loud and the next one too silent? MP3 Gain will solve that for you by modifying the song volume in various different ways (per song, per album etc). And best of all, the volume changing is lossless and reversible at any time. So, if you are unhappy for whatever reason, you can remove the normalization at any time. And when you don’t, since it’s lossless, the song quality won’t be affected.


MP3 Direct Cut

Ever wanted to edit a MP3, but hated the fact that nearly all the editing tools have to re-encode the song and make the quality worse with every such manipulation? MP3 Direct Cut does what it says. It modifies MP3 files directly, without re-encoding them. Saving is also instant because it doesn’t have to re-encode the whole file again. The tool is basic, but it does the job well and without any quality degradation of the song.


MP3 Tag

Want to edit those stubborn “locked” special ID3 tags in MP3 songs properties? MP3 Tag will do that for you. The interface is maybe a bit confusing, but it does the job very well for what it is intended.



Audacity is a more advanced audio editor that allows various different effects and audio fine tuning along with all the basic tools like fade in/out, volume normalization, copying, cutting and pasting. It doesn’t offer lossless manipulation of audio files, but it does offer a lot of general useful tools for such job.


Maybe you have come across some of them, Audacity is quite popular in general, but the rest are more specific tools that I love to use for my music and audio editing. I hope they will be useful to you as well 🙂


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