CyanogenMod 10.2 nightlies problem solving…

CyanogenMod (CM) team released a brand new major release, version 10.2 based on Android 4.3. But it didn’t go without problems, especially for all those who were using CM 10.1 and updated to CM 10.2 directly through the updater. I’ll try to list few major and most common problems and how to solve them. I’m using Samsung Galaxy S2, but I’ve seen the same problems across different devices using CM 10.2 nightlies…

I flashed CM 10.1 on top of CM 10.2 and now my phone gets stuck on rotating CM logo…

If you tried to go back to CM 10.1 because things were too broken in CM 10.2, that unfortunately isn’t possible without using the full backup/restore option. But doing so made your phone stuck on rotating “stargate” CM logo. To solve that, boot your phone using “Volume Up + Physical button (middle) + POWER”, hold that for phone to boot into ClockWorkMod (CWM). Then flash the latest CM 10.2 again (don’t worry, it’s not really broken).

Apps say i don’t have root access!?

Go to System Settings, scroll down and open #Superuser menu, use Menu button and tap Settings. Select Superuser Access and select “Apps and ADB”. Changes in Android 4.3 now require both options to be selected. And you also have to make sure you’re running cm-10.2-20130815 or later, because cm-10.2-20130814 doesn’t ask user for permissions when needed.

Google Apps don’t work…

Existing Google apps are not compatible with Android 4.3 anymore, so you have to download latest Gapps from: . Boot into CWM and flash the Gapps ZIP through there. This should get all the Google stuff working again.

Can’t download or update any apps…

If you always get “Error downloading X” when you try to download or update any app through GooglePlay, you have to remove Google account from the phone and re-add it. This will do the magic and you will be able to update existing apps and also download new ones again.

Phone icon not working in the dock…

If you want to open Phone app (to make calls or see keypad) and it complains over “App not installed”, it’s not actually broken or not installed. It’s just the shortcut that is wonky. Remove it from dock and drag it there again from the apps drawer. That should make it working again. I didn’t see this problem at first because I’m using exDialer…

Banner ads causing black screen workaround

I found out a tiny trick to get around black screen issues in apps where ads appear and make the whole screen go black. It’s not an ideal solution, but it does work. When you open up an app, ad banner is displayed and screen goes black, just drag down the notification panel and close it again. This will force the screen to redraw and you should see the app normally again.

The other trick which doesn’t work for internet aware apps is to use avast! Mobile Security app and use the firewall to block connection for offline only apps. Since they will be forced offline, they won’t display any ads and they also won’t get this black screen problem. However, respect the makers of the apps and don’t block the ads in free versions unless you are getting this black screen issue. This obviously doesn’t work for apps that need internet connection to operate, because avast! can either fully block the connection or fully allow it. There is no middle way…

No 3G or H+ connectivity

It might happen for you, like it did for me. I lost 3G/H+ connectivity with very latest CM10.2 ROM’s. I had to update my Baseband from i9100BULS1 to i9100XXLS8 and now 3G is working again. You can get latest SGS2 Baseband firmware here:

Be aware that flashing wrong Baseband can make your phone unusable since it won’t be able to get any signal. Be very careful, especially if you are not using SGS2 Int phone (which i have). But if your calls and connectivity work fine, then don’t update the Baseband. It’s a safe rule, if it ain’t broken, you haven’t fiddled enough with it. 😉 So, if it works fine for you, just leave it at that.

I hope these quick tips will help you get the latest CyanogenMod 10.2 nightlies fully working. There are a lot of trouble getting it to work, but once you do the above steps, you see it’s not really that bad if you know what to do. I will add more quick tips here if i find and solve them so others won’t be as frustrated as I was at first 🙂


27 thoughts on “CyanogenMod 10.2 nightlies problem solving…

  1. I can’t get cm10.2 to work on my s2. I’m currently running 10.1. I flashed 10.2 and the latest gapps the standard way and when it boots up it says, “android had stopped” or “gapps has stopped”. Am doing something wrong? Please advise if possible. I can’t find anyone with this problem.


  2. RejZoR greetings, i have a problem with my SGS2 GT-i9100. I’ve flashed (update from cyanogen 10.1) and everything went well. Today i’ve tried to update to a newer version, and i can’t because i can’t go to recovery mode!!! In fact, i can’t even launch the operating system. The only way i can is puting the i9100 recharging and then click power mode for 10 seconds (2x times).
    How can i flash an update without acess to recovery mode? :S


    1. Why aren’t you using integrated updater? It’s much easier and faster.

      Settings -> About phone -> CyanogenMod updates

      Set the “Update types” to “New versions (incl. Nightlies) and tap “Check for updates”. The rest will appear below. I’m updating it this way and it works like a charm.

      I have no clue how you’ll get back to your phone without recovery mode or any way to flash it to never versions. Maybe you should just try to get to Android OS first and then use the above method. Maybe that will work.


  3. Ok, the build 20130826 is fucked up and makes SGS2 unbootable (which i also encountered).

    You can fix this like this…

    – Download and install SAMSUNG Driver:
    – Download ODIN v3.04:
    – Download CWM
    – Put your SGS2 into Download MODE (Home + Volume Down + Power)
    – Open ODIN
    – Connect your device to your computer and wait till ODIN displays “Added!!” in Message field
    – Select PDA and browse for file “GT-I9100_JB_ClockworkMod-Recovery_6.0.2.9.tar”
    – Press START

    After the phone restarts, it should start optimizing apps and finally boot into the OS.

    Really stupid problem and which after happening for the second time with nightlies makes me wonder if anyone at CyanogenMod even tests these builds for even the most basic functionality. Like having a god damn phone bootable. Fuck.

    Anyway, hope this helps, it’s how i got my phone back to life.


    1. RejZoR, you saved my day! Thanks for the detailed action plan to restore the phone. It worked like a charm 😉


  4. Many many thanks, you are right, it seems that a lot of people had the same problem i did:

    “keithross39 Unread Yesterday, 08:13 PM #9
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    I’m guessing you flashed the 0824 nightly of 10.2. According to the discussion thread, anybody who uses this nightly will experience the broken recovery….they’ve posted a link to a kernel + recovery which needs to be flashed before the phone is rebooted for the first time in order to replace the broken recovery. Concerning the stability of the ROMs………
    10.2…..IMO…NOT stable enough for daily use….
    10.1… and smooth, and no bugs that make me want to stop using it…….
    10.0…..not as fast as 10.1 but just as smooth but with the same lack of noticeable bugs as 10.1…..
    JB Firmware…..obviously the most stable, but simply not as fast…..even if rooted and debloated…… ”

    I was cyanogen addicted, but this problems (i know it’s a nightly) but it shouldn’t happen.
    Anyway… thanks for your feedback RejZoR


  5. Here’s another one: Whatever I try to do to upgrade CWM to a newer version, CWM Touch or TWRP fails. Flasher app (ROM manager, goo manager or whatever) says it went ok, but recovery still comes up with CWM, no touch, no ExFAT support, etc.

    My hardware is Galaxy S3 i-9300, trying the cm10.2 nightlies. I read somewhere that CM fused CWM into the kernel, but that makes no sense to me. why would a newly installed bootloader not override it?


  6. I have done everything except factory reset my Galaxy S3 SCH-I535. I get stuck at the rotating cyanogenmod logo. I have rebooted into recovery, wiped dalvik cache, wiped cache, reinstalled the 10.2 nightly and it always says install successful. Then I go to reboot and it hangs on the CM screen. I don’t know what to do and I really want my phone to work. Any advice? Should I install a different update?


  7. hello, i have sgs3 mini flashed with cm 10.2 it works perfect..i have a problem with backgroun app menu it is black like no wallpaper but in the home screen is like i selected. i change launcher, i chance themes, i flash it again and the problem still same.. any one have a solution..? thanks ( sorry for my english ) 😛


  8. I have installed Cynogen 10.2 on my GT s5830
    it was installed successfully
    but when i runs the phone cynyogen logo starts apearing for some time and this process repeats


    1. GT-S8530 is Samsung Wave II !? I don’t remember CM or CF supporting Wave devices. I know there was a porting project on BadaForums, but i don’t think they ever achieved anything usable. I still own a GT-S8500 (original Samsung Wave) though…


  9. my phone can’t take calls it just says no mobile network even with full bars but I can use LTE just fine I’ve got the Samsung galaxy sprint USA version


  10. Hey man, really appreciate your technical knowledge on this one. Updated cyanogen to 10.1.3-i9100 on my SS G S2 (int) but since the update it cannot find a network provider, just comes up with no network, is that because I have to update the baseband? my baseband is I9100ZSLPG running on android 4.2.2

    thanks in advance


    1. It’s possible. Though for SGS i recommend you use CynogenMod 11 M builds. Currently we are at M8 (Kitkat 4.4.4) and it’s working great. Far better than 10.2 which was quite buggy for me.

      You can get latest baseband here:

      Just make sure you download the exact one you need for your phone and see the file dates to find out which is the newest.



        Depending whether you have a normal i9100 or i9100G chipset in your phone. Snapshot version is sort of human verified nightly released once a month. You’ll also likely have to re-install Gapps.

        You can find latest Gapps here:

        After that is done, you’ll automatically get monthly updates directly through CM Updater.


  11. Yup mine is the I9100, installed it alongside ‘small’ gapps from:
    but now i constantly get ‘google play store has stopped working’ every 2 seconds

    however still no luck with radio signal, i can’t get any luck finding a network provider, has to be the baseband then i’m guessing? Does this one sound right? It seems most people running I9100 have this baseband I9100XXMS2, i might try that.


    1. I’m using i9100XXLS8, which is also the latest available there.

      If you have done an upgrade and not a clean install, make sure you clear cache and delvik cache in Clockwork recovery. That will help with the stop errors.


      1. Thanks for the delvik tip, that worked! I did some rummaging around and downloaded the GetRIL app which helped me allign the baseband so now I’m running i9100XXLS6 but still no signal… i tried your baseband version but it would come up as UNKNOWN for some reason


  12. The solution for my Defy+ was setting the correct baseband (Telstra Australia) with the Cyanogenmod installed app “Defy Parts”.

    To explain, after install Cyanogenmod on my Defy, I also had major problems with losing mobile signal in buildings (it was okay outside).
    An internet search sated to check the baseband. But the location for it, described in the posting (“Settings – more”), had NO “Baseband Selection” option.
    I (much later) noticed an unknown app called “Defy Parts”. Opening this provided some options, and one was “Baseband Selection”!
    Settings this from “Europe” to “Australia – Telstra” solved the problem.


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