EagleGet new download manager!

I mostly don’t use download managers these days, but they do come in handy when download servers are so ridiculously slow that it takes forever to download stuff with super fast connection. And after the established bunch of downloaders like Download Express, Star Downloader, Free Download Manager etc that i used in the past, I just came across this nice little new (sort of, they released stable version at the end of July 2013) download manager called “EagleGet”. Maybe the program name isn’t the best out there, but the program is. Very simple and nice interface that somewhat reminds me of Metro styling, has no garbage attached to it and no unnecessary features. If it will stay this way, it will be my top pick. Plus, it integrates really well into Firefox through add-on.


See what i mean? Give it a try if you need a download manager, i’m quite sure you’ll like it 🙂

Homepage & download:


1 thought on “EagleGet new download manager!

  1. If you are having problems uploading files to various services like DeviantArt or SkyDrive using Firefox, it’s EagleGet that’s causing this. I’ve already reported the issue, but until it’s officially fixed, you can go to EagleGet settings -> Monitoring and disable “Universal Capture Mode”. Downloading won’t be as tighly integrated after this, but you’ll be able to upload stuff to the internet.


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