Not sure about chromed Opera…

Ok ok, I understand that new Chrome based Opera needs some time, but what I don’t understand is the way how they are doing it. With every thing in this world, you have to first make solid foundations, stable ground to build upon. But what Opera Software is currently doing with the Opera Browser 15 and above, is fiddling with tiny details without ANY foundations. I still can’t bloody believe they haven’t added bookmarks bar after 3 major revisions. Opera 15, 16 and 17 and it’s still the same old rubbish. All you get are those stupid thumbnail bookmarks. Seriously!? In all the browsers I have a dedicated toolbar with bookmarks organized in subfolders. So I always know where is what and I have over 500 bookmarks stored there, which are always instantly accessible. Why are they not working on this? 10 or 15 years ago, fair enough, there were like 10 pages to visit, but today with internet being widespread as bread, you need proper bookmarks tool to even have a half usable browser. But no, Opera is fiddling with skins and other meaningless stuff that should only come when basic stuff is finished. I’m not even a developer in the right meaning of the word and I know you can’t build stuff this way. But the Scandinavians always have to be special it appears…

So, to help them find the path…

1.) Get the bookmarks and addons in order. This is top priority. Something people use and rely on every day when using any browser.

2.) Get the Opera Link online and working. Browser without syncing in an age where almost every person has 3 devices running a browser, you get me where this rant is going…

3.) Now you can fiddle with skins, GUI, tweaks and other misc stuff…

I don’t want to wait for Opera to finally make a half usable browser in version 46. If we are lucky, otherwise it will be with version 76… seriously, how hard can it be?

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