Who writes all the rubbish spam on WordPress?!

I had nothing important to write about recently, that’s why a bigger gap of no posts here, but now I have one thing to write about after getting a what looked like a 10x A4 pages long spam message that wasn’t one.

Back when I was still blogging on MyOpera, I had some spam here and there but it was often painfully obvious or had a link in it. But here on WordPress, a whole different story…

Just got a notification about a comment on NFS:Rivals news post and it was that 10 pages long load of rubbish. And it wasn’t some crappy translated or computer generated nonsense. There had to be a live person on the other end of that message and that makes me wonder, who the hell wastes their lives writing that junk that serves no purpose at all?! It didn’t even advertise anything or had any link in it. It didn’t even provide any kind of hidden advertisement. It was just 10 pages of repetitive praise of how cool my blog is and that person writing it also wanted to make a blog. And it just kept on going and going like it was powered by Duracells (see what I did here? 😀 ). Anyway, I’ve started reading that behemoth wall of text and I was like, surely, who is as dumb to write a completely off-topic thing in an irrelevant post praising my blog. And then I scrolled over it and read the stuff briefly. And then I thought, maybe someone actually took time to write on my blog but didn’t know where to. And so I read few parts of it again and then I noticed that things repeat, praising my blog and theme several times and how awesome my posts are, but never into specifics. It’s just sort of general praise over everything, but nothing in particular. And it looked like someone gathered several messages from several different blogs and stitched them together in one long comment. And that made my alarm go off so I tossed the cap into the Spam folder.

So, again, who does this and with what purpose? I understand spam where you make something else profit from it, but who does profit from all these pointless posts that look like a live person wrote them, but have no purpose at all and you have to read it like 5 times to even get it, that it’s just spam and nothing else!? WHY!? Leave my blog alone!


4 thoughts on “Who writes all the rubbish spam on WordPress?!

  1. so far I haven’t received any spam like that. it does sound rather pointless. however, sometimes the point of the spam is to link back to the spammer’s URL (if they put one in) or if they have a wordpress site, to link you there. however, it does seem wasteful to spend time writing such a long spam.


    1. I did notice that usernames are often reference to a webpage (or the webpage address itself). I guess that’s their way of luring people.

      Spam filter mostly filters out the garbage, but i still get lots of stuff through, especially in the post about Qihoo antivirus, i got like loads of this crap there and it wasn’t even filtered. Weird… I guess they use similar words as visitors usually use on blogs to hide from the spam filter. Usernames apparently aren’t filtered at all.


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