Antec H2O 920 grinding noise…

I’ve had my Antec H2O 920 closed loop water cooling for like half a year and yesterday I noticed it was rattling/grinding like a fridge. Since everything else is so quiet I had to do something, otherwise I’d go nuts with that grinding noise. So I looked for solutions and I found 2 solutions though if you ask me, when it comes this far it’s better to just RMA it if it’s still in warranty… until then, you can try these two solutions…

Solution 1 (permanent magnet fix):

I’ve tried this and it actually works. However, when the noise basically went away, I’ve noticed that pump makes a lot more vibrations than it used to. The thing is, the spots where this guy is placing the magnet is the electric motor coiling. I’m no electro engineer, but it seems that this affects how the electric motor is operating and thus makes the grinding noise disappear. It does make it silent, but i have doubts on how this would affect the pump long term. Especially because of the induced vibrations when you place the magnet nearby…

Solution 2 (re-align the pump):


I had my pump rotated for 90° so that tubes were facing DIMM slots, because i have my radiator placed on the case intake down below (tiny case), so i had to get all the tube lenght possible. Still, there was some reserve so i rotated it like on the picture above, with Kuhler h2o 920 text being horizontal instead of vertical. I never had problems with placement before, but when i rotated it horizontally, the grinding noise disappeared. I have no clue for how long this will hold but for now, it’s ok.

I hope this will help 🙂


One thought on “Antec H2O 920 grinding noise…

  1. I decided to clean my pc one day……..after carefully taking pc apart and putting it back together, my h20 920 pump at cpu was making a lot of noise !!! after a few seconds my pc would shut down, turn pc on and it would shut down. new and used, sometimes these radiators get air locked and water wont run to the pump. I removed the radiator for the back of my case, turned pc on and shook the crap out of the rad, pc shut off, turned it on again, shook the crap out of it again and the noise went away ! pc running great. this is a very common issue with these units. the fix is quite simple. no need for magnet :0


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