Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers for x58

I guess this is one of those moments when I hate Intel and their dumb software decisions and designs…

If you still happen to use the x58 platform, which is old but despite its age still very powerful when overclocking is involved. However, there is now issue with the AHCI drivers. Latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology doesn’t even support it for reasons unknown (it’s not THAT old they had to toss it out as a legacy driver). If you try to install latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver (RST), it will do NOTHING to the ATA listed devices and the SATA hotplug icon will still be visible next to the clock. When you try to run the RST app, you will get this error:

An unknown error occurred while running this application. If the problem persists, please restart your computer or try re-installing the application.

Hooray. Not. Only way to get things sorted out properly is to first remove all the RST software that you tried before and then download this:

This version actually installs the AHCI driver properly but the Control Center still craps itself out for no logical reason so don’t even bother installing it as you don’t really need it. Not that i want it or need it but it’s still stupid to know the app just plain doesn’t run. I know x58 is old but c’mon, don’t be so freakin’ sloppy Intel. Something AMD has it sorted properly. All the chipset drivers neatly placed on a single webpage. Unlike Intel’s mess where you dig through 500 billion submenus to get the same thing. Or another thing which they state it should work with your configuration, but turns out it’s not true. So stupid and annoying…


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