Comodo community is weird…

I usually don’t like to complain this way, but this time I really had enough. I’ve been involved in so many online communities, especially computer security. Have been working as a beta tester for several companies, AVAST Software (former ALWIL Software) where I still help them, AVG Technologies (former Grisoft), Kaspersky Lab, Bitdefender (former SOFTWIN), Kingsoft, Panda Security and many, many others. And one of these is also Comodo Group, a security firm that I got to know better years back when they released their first more widely known product, Comodo Antivirus 1.0 BETA…

The reason for this post is not because I’d have any specific grudge against Comodo as a firm. I actually can’t really say anything bad about them. They do provide decent free services to the users and their flagship product Comodo Internet Security (CIS) has few pretty interesting features that I thoroughly tested myself and have proven to be very effective.

So, the main problem with Comodo isn’t the company or their product, it’s the community that has established through years. I’ve seen a lot in all the years, but I haven’t seen a community like the one around Comodo. In a negative way…

At first I was angry at Comodo, but then I noticed it’s not their fault. Their only fault is that they allow certain clowns to run their community in Comodo’s name. Their certain moderators and “power users” apparently have a Godlike syndrome, they think they know everything, but in reality they are as clueless as a  brain dead amoeba when you ask them anything not even remotely difficult or technical about Comodo or security in general. They just keep on bragging how awesome Comodo is and they seem to be doing that for years now.

Seriously, if anyone from the actual Comodo staff is reading this, get rid of the clueless clowns who are running a circus under “Comodo” name on the official forums and let someone competent enough to moderate stuff. Also tell all the hardcore fanboys to take the chill pill and let them step down on a solid ground. Comodo is not a perfect software, because all the software is always evolving and getting improved. But never admitting it’s broken and just keep on bragging how awesome and perfect it is, that is only doing it harm and nothing else. Trust me, I’ve been there and I’m not doing it anymore for ages now. People still think I’m some hardcore avast! fanboy, but I’m far from anything like that. Yes, I’m still a supporter, but if you look at my posts, I sure well complain over a lot of things and they do get fixed and sorted out or we at least talk them through with develoeprs or other users. I had quite a lot of complaints during avast! 8 development and avast! team fixed, changed and improved nearly everything I and other Evangelists recommended. Maybe it’s time Comodo starts to do that, because I’m sick and tired of getting banned every freakin’ time I complain over some broken thing in CIS and these ignorant fanboys fail to accept the fact that I’m right about that and that I’m not bashing Comodo for no reason at all, but because i want to get it improved.


2 thoughts on “Comodo community is weird…

  1. Gotta love retarded Comodo fanboys. Specifically the unbelievably idiotic moron with nickname “kail” on Comodo forums.

    Posted this in the latest CIS release thread:
    “Oh for crying out loud, why can’t Comodo team bloody fix the stupid “system cannot find the file specified” when submitting files? 3 updates so far since i first found this and still not fixed. I mean wtf!?”

    Tried CIS again yesterday and because the issue hasn’t been resolved for 3 updates spanning across like 3 months if not more, i posted this in the thread. And i get greeted by a yet another 14 day ban from their forums, courtesy of kail moron. Just because it’s me and for no other reason. How in this fuckin universe can anyone be so fuckin daft to ban people for pointing out problems in your fuckin beloved program? Too butthurt? Too retarded to understand that IT IS FUCKIN BROKEN (two other guys even confirmed it in that very same thread)? This guy is such an ignorant moron it’s impossibly incredible. I just can’t believe people this idiotic actually exist. Fuck me. And what’s worst, Comodo just keeps on letting such dumb moderators run their forums. If i were running any half serious company i wouldn’t have such hardcore fanatic fanboys anywhere near me and certainly not on my official tech support forums. I’m just incredibly amazed how blind Comodo team is for letting such idiots run the show in their name. All i want is for CIS program to get improved and all i get in return are repeated bans for some fuckin imaginary “repetitive violation of forum policy” by an over cocky moderator with serious attitude problems. It’s so idiotic it actually fells unrealistic. I still just can’t comprehend his idiotic behavior. Incredible.


    1. Got unbanned back then and guess what. They just out of the fuckin blue banned me again because I “supposedly” offended someone. Offended fuckin who? And what I’m more interested, fuckin when. 2 weeks back!? They need this long to find out I’ve offended someone? On their moronic forum, you just breath the wrong way when logging in and you get banned. For fucks sake, I haven’t seen such moronic ignorance and narcissism in my whole fuckin life. i simply cant comprehend how can anyone be so fuckin short minded. I just can’t. They can’t stand ANY level of critics, be it harsh, polite or just a casual brief comment about a flaw in some function that could be done better. And by “any” I mean literally ANY. Whatever you comment or recommend, they find as some hostile act threatening their beloved app and you can expect a randomly timed ban pretty soon. just fuckin incredible.


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