What the hell Altec Lansing!?

I’m not sure if every one of you have heard of Altec Lansing. It’s an old company dealing with audio devices and speaker systems and even though they have gone through some rough times, they had some proper hardware to offer. Specifically, the Altec Lansing MX5021 and MX6021 speakers which were their top offering. I still have the MX5021, a 90W RMS grunt, 20W per channel and 50W subwoofer. It may not sound like a lot, but most of 2.1 speakers have like 5W per channel and 15-20W on subwoofer… and it outputs some intense sound that is staged really nicely.

The reason for this rant is, from time to time, I check stuff that I own if there are any new versions to upgrade. When I bought MX5021 years ago, MX6021 arrived. 200W RMS powerhouse and while it is much more powerful, its modern shape makes it impossible to mount on the wall unlike MX5021, which can be used that way. So, today I checked Altec Lansing page to see if they maybe have MX7021 available. And guess what, they don’t offer ANY proper speakers anymore. No 2.0, no 2.1 or even 5.1 and 7.1 configurations. Nada. Zero. All they have these days are some crap portable speakers. Is that really the only thing people buy these days? Some portable speakers to stick their iPhone into?

People really don’t buy proper speakers for their laptops and PC’s anymore? Hell, I always sticked my MP4 player on my Altec’s because everything else sounds like crap. And in PC’s I always had high-end soundcards, Diamond Monster with Aureal Vortex, Sound Blaster Live!, X-Fi and now Z, I had Auzentech Forte and also ASUS Essence STX. The sound is a big part of my life and I treat speakers with same degree of attention. Seeing how Altec Lansing dropped their entire range of regular speakers really makes me sad. Especially since there aren’t any proper alternatives. Only ones that I can think off is Creative with their oldie, but still goldie GigaWorks T3 set. And Corsair which even had the balls to have a take on the speakers segment with their SP2500. Something others are apparently dropping from their portfolio… They have the grunt with over 230W RMS, but they look as industrial as they could possibly be…

I even had an idea of ordering the speaker drivers myself, build glass speaker housings from a very thick glass and make them wall mountable. Maybe that will satisfy my need for proper speakers… How hard can it be? 🙂


One thought on “What the hell Altec Lansing!?

  1. Ha ha, I had a similar thought today, hence Googling and finding your rant! I’ve resigned myself to maintain my set of MX5021 for as long as possible. I’ve also found that a few people have been modding theirs, replacing the components with more expensive ones. That information might come in handy for repairing in the future.


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