GoG summer sale 2013 is over :(

And so, the GoG summer sale has ended. Unlike past years, I wasn’t spending all that much this year. In fact, the only games that I’ve bought this year were:

– Tiny & Big Grandpa’s Leftovers
– Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures
– Back to the Future: The Game

And as a bonus, the free Torchlight, even though I’ve already bought it on Steam some time ago. It never hurts to have a DRM free alternative 🙂

I’m still thinking about pre-ordering Rise of the Triads remake which is fueled by Unreal Engine 3. A very gory and insane shooter. Hm, there is still time till the end of July when it will be released… maybe…

I am however waiting for The Walking Dead adventure when Steam summer sale will begin. Too bad GoG doesn’t offer it (yet), it would go nicely along the above adventures from Telltale. People say it was fantastic and I kinda like zombie stuff so why not 🙂 Maybe GoG team will surprise me 😛 I’d much prefer the DRM free version over Steam one…

1 thought on “GoG summer sale 2013 is over :(

  1. Same here, I (only) bought Retro City Rampage this time. Saving money for gog Xmas sale 😀

    Walking Dead from Telltale was awesome and I don’t even like click and point adventures, so.. yeah, its good 🙂


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