MusicBee 2.1 released!

It has been a while but now they finally updated it! It’s lately my favorite music player as it just has everything that i need, looks good and can be installed as portable app so i have zero work with it after i restore my system partition. And it’s just such a nice cute bee to have around 🙂

What’s new in v2.1:
– new modern Compact Player mode which is focused on artist and album artwork
– improved playback buffering and gapless playback for all output modes
– various new layout options, improved usabilty and navigation improvements
– wave bar and large spectrum visualiser that can be displayed in various configurations
– tracks in your library can be colour highlighted according to custom rules you define
– added as an online music source for the auto-dj and as a genre based radio source
– and added to the radio station directory
– enhanced playlist and artwork format support for MTP device synchronisation
– numerous other changes as documented in the MusicBee forum

Grab your MusicBee here:


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