Comodo Internet Security 6.2 released!

What’s new in 6.2?
While there are 300+ issues addressed, here are a selected few:

NEW! Advanced View feature for home screen
NEW! Multi-selection functionality on various grids
NEW! Search button in all relevant grids
NEW! Support for “Fully Virtualized” auto-sandboxing
IMPROVED! GUI performance while opening main dialogs
IMPROVED! Support for keyboard and touch screen
FIXED! Files from network shares cannot be added to trusted files
FIXED!Various compatibility issues related to virtualization
FIXED!Various issues associated with COMODO Cleaning Essentials

Download Locations:

COMODO Internet Security

COMODO Firewall

COMODO Antivirus

Updates & Upgrades

6.x users can quickly update to the latest version by simply running their automatic updates.
5.x users can download the upgrade package and run it to upgrade to 6.2:

CIS 5.x automatic updater, when an update issued, will simply be downloading the same package and running it.

Apart from under the hood changes, the most noticeable difference is the Advanced GUI mode which now finally looks like CIS 5.x did, displaying more info. I also have to test if they finally fixed a i’ve reported ages ago and they never bothered to fix it. Now, lets see if they kept their promise…


One thought on “Comodo Internet Security 6.2 released!

  1. Nope, they haven’t fixed it. Several bug reports, even by others in my name, several updates have gone past and they still haven’t fixed it. I mean, seriously, how crappy your bug tracking and fixing has to be that you can’t fix something as important as this!? The bug defeats the whole purpose of Autosandbox offered by Comodo and if you disable asking for elevated rights, the whole Behavior Blocker system collapses and becomes all broken. Seriously, Comodo, this is the lamest QA i’ve ever seen in my life.


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