Onavo Extend not working on Android 4.1.2 ?

Due to my low mobile phone data plan I have to use technologies like Opera Turbo/Off-road and of course Onavo Extend to save bandwidth, which unlike Opera technologies works system wide in most Android apps. Or so it did, when I still had Android 4.0.3 and 4.0.4 on my Galaxy S2. But ever since I’ve updated to 4.1.2 (official Samsung OTA update, firmware i9100BULS1), Onavo Extend stopped saving bandwidth. Everything seems to function, VPN service is working, data within it is counted, but it doesn’t save me anything at all. It’s always 0KB saved in the stats page no matter what I browse or view through 3G.

I have also contacted Onavo support, explained them situation, sent some data to them and then silence. Few days have passed and I haven’t got any answer. Searching the net also yields zero results. Only thing that I find is info on how Onavo Extend saves bandwidth, no matter what I search for.

Is anyone successfully using Onavo Extend on Android 4.1.2 or later? If yes, are you using Samsung device with stock firmware? Or is it some other device vendor? I’d really like to get it working again, but apparently I’m left on my own with it, as there just aren’t any resources on why it’s not compressing the data…

10 thoughts on “Onavo Extend not working on Android 4.1.2 ?

  1. Hey,

    First of all I apologize for the inconvenience. Onavo’s apps should work properly on Galaxy S2 & 4.1.2.
    I found your support case and reset your account ID. Please try to uninstall and reinstall Extend.

    I would love it if you could update us whether the reset worked or if you need further assistance (our email is support@onavo.com).

    Again, I truly apologize and hope you’ll be able to enjoy Onavo Extend soon.


    1. As it happens I have flashed my SGS2 with CyanogenMod in the meanwhile and Onavo worked just fine after that. I had to do it because of awful battery usage anyway…


  2. Hi just to let you know…im using the brandnew htc 1 in the uk on 4.1.2 and its not working for me either can you help me too? It looks like its working but saves nothing and no vpn working … I used to have the old htc 1x phone which was on 4.03 that worked great on this app before…please help me?


    1. I donno what to do really other than contacting Onavo. And even then i’m not sure if it will work. It’s just behaving strangely and i just stopped using it. I’m instead relying on Opera Mobile “Off-road Mode” instead to save my bandwidth. Onavo should supposedly save data for all apps but in my case, even after they reset the account, i got absolutely strange results. I used various apps that i know Onavo worked with before, but they NEVER got listed in Onavo as apps using bandwidth. It didn’t save me any extra data, i just got worse battery autonomy with it. And then, out of the blue, Android Weather app appeared on the list of apps where data was saved. And i wasn’t even using Android Weather as widget at that time. But from Opera Mobile, Firefox or even Android Browser, WordPress app etc, nothing. Like they don’t even exist. Even the extended cache never got populated in any way. I really don’t know what Onavo did, but the app is pretty much useless as far as i’m concerned as it doesn’t do it’s main thing. Save bandwidth. Or it does that and fails to reflect that in its statistics. But even with lowest image quality settings, i failed to notice it working on images, unlike Opera Mobile where you can clearly see it working as images are a lot worse looking (meaning it’s saving bandwidth through extra compression).


  3. Onavo Extend is never showing any Savings on my Android phone. It’s a HTC Amaze with Android version 4.0.3 so it should work. But, no it doesn’t. Could my Internet provider be blocking it somehow?

    Any ideas?



    1. Don’t know, it’s not working for me either since ages. It just doesn’t show any savings at all and then it started displaying that it saved something for Onavo Extend (itself). Lol? So weird. Anyway, since i use Opera browser with integrated data compression i don’t see any need for Onavo. The maps are local so that doesn’t burn bandwidth.


      1. I tried Opera but didn’t like it. Will probably try Firefox Mobile soon.

        My data plan was for 500 MB per month. I just had it extended to 2 GB. Tired of always making sure I’m not busting my monthly allowance!



  4. Hi friends,
    I have Sony Xperia C2305 and I am having the same issue. Onava extend is not showing any data savings in its reports. I have android 4.2.2
    Any suggestions???


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