Convert movies with DTS sound to AC3

As you probably already know, certain LCD TV’s don’t support playback of movies with DTS sound through USB port. But you already got that big HD video and you don’t want to redownload it again. Here is some help in a form of program called PopCorn MKV Audio Converter. The trick here is that this program doesn’t transcode entire file. Instead it just copies the video stream and converts only the audio stream into lets say AC3 which everyone support. This way conversion is very quick, doesn’t make video any worse at all since it just copies it. And you won’t notice difference in audio quality either, if you use high enough settings…

PopCorn MKV Audio Converter:

Be aware that this program only supports MKV type movies. MP4 is not supported (yet).


4 thoughts on “Convert movies with DTS sound to AC3

  1. i have be looking for this converter for long time.

    luckily, i recently find a ideal DTS to AC3 Converter called iDealshare VideoGo at

    at first, i am not sure whether it is safe to use, for i have not heard it before, fortunately the free download link is from cnet which i trust.

    then i free download and give it a try, really works.

    hope it also helps for you


  2. i recommend iDealshare VideoGo which can fast convert DTS to AC3 (5.1), MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A and etc

    it also support converting video with DTS codec to video with other audio codec like MKV DTS to MKV AC3


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